Why use Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a vital part of the healing process, which is often underplayed or overlooked all together.  
Veterinary Physiotherapy is designed to identify areas of weakness or dysfunction and provide a tailored treatment and exercise plan in order to optimize the healing process. 

Physiotherapy is beneficial for :   

  • Returning normal movement/function  after injury/ illness.

  •  Reduce the risk of recurring injury.

  •  Improve strength after an injury

  • Post surgical rehabilitation.

  • Neurological conditions. 

  • Arthritis.

  • Weight management.

  •  Tendon/ Ligament Injuries

  •  Degenerative conditions.

  • Maintenance.

  • Reduced performance. 

  • Pain Management.



 Physiotherapy is an important aspect of animal welfare, whether a high performance animal or a beloved family pet, SM Veterinary Physiotherapy is dedicated to improving the quality of life and general well being of your animal. 



How do I know if my animal needs Physio?

Whilst animals aren't able to actually tell us whats wrong, however they are able to give us a few hints when they are feeling under the weather, sore or just not on top form.
Some things to look out for in your pet:

  • Lameness (altered gait)
  • Lethargy/ Unwillingness to exercise
  • Mood changes (depressed/grumpy)
  • Going off food
  • Weight loss
  • Difficulty developing muscle
  • Asymmetrical muscle development
  • Behavioural issues 
  • Uneven Shoe wear (Horse)
  • Scuffing of toes
  • Unwillingness to get in the car
  • Crying/ stiffness when getting up